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Monitor Articles for August 15, 2008

Best international players? They're not necessarily in the NBA.
Katrina survivor’s Olympian efforts win him a berth on US sailing team
China’s Games live up to hype
For US gymnasts, 1-2 is the perfect number
In search of a little fun amid the Games
Taliban wages war on aid groups
Georgia-Russia conflict shows EU's energy vulnerability
Is freedom near for captive Israeli soldier?
Russian support for Iran sanctions at risk amid Georgia rift
Reporters on the Job
A new-style evangelical pastor ascends the political stage
Georgia crisis helps McCain for now
Gramm and Kilpatrick - eager to help their candidates
Obama to text the VP. What about McCain?
Friday Morning Reads
Youth access to drugs increases
Medicaid bears brunt of states' budget crunch
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Bitten by the love bug for Beetles
Opinion Russia's payback
The Monitor's View Europe's (dis)unity over Russia
Ocean 'dead zones' growing
Earthtalk: Are oil changes necessary every 3,000 miles?
Researchers enlist elephant seals to gather undersea data
Screen wars: stealing TV’s ‘eyeball’ share
Horizon highlights – future cyber war, future solar plants, and future TV shows
The Wild Places
Travels of the mind
Players gather in the Santa Cruz Mountains to make music from saws
Mexican street art with an edge
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
CD Reviews: Reggae – the authentic, the new, and the flamenco-flavored
TV dramas' foreign accent
Over the hedge: Why didn't I think of that?
What is this game, le baseball?
Digging a little deeper into the infrastructure
Love's standard for Russia and Georgia
A garden built around the view
When to stop harvesting herbs
A gnome comes home