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Monitor Articles for August 14, 2008

A Brazilian's shrine to bromeliads may one day save the plants
Mexican citizens asked to fight crime
Olympic tennis: Upsets expected, even of Federer
Another Chinese gold, with grit
Old Beijing tries to avoid wrecking ball
100 meters – Fastest of the fast
Coming back from burnout
Kashmir violence reignites sectarian tensions
Russia's big Caucasus win
Warmer Lebanon-Syria ties puts focus on prisoners' fate
Terror suspect's court appearance raises questions about U.S. military conduct
Reporters on the Job
Thursday Morning Reads
Michael Bloomberg's Political Future?
New positive Obama ad for the Olympics
Jesse Jackson will attend Democratic Convention – but no speaking role planned
Battle over gun rights – Round 2
Air Force leadership works to regain trust
Stuck in Syria, Iraqi students get a crack at college in the U.S.
Cellphones in the sky?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Gas is affordable
Opinion Protecting our kids – or jeopardizing everyone's freedom?
The Monitor's View The digital TV cliffhanger
Four offshore-drilling myths
Schools consider propane-fueled buses
Electricity as primary power
iPhone apps are fun and quirky – but are they safe?
A 3-D look down the RabbitHole
Secret to online sports coverage: bored office workers
Dry Storeroom No. 1
Finnegans Wake
Comic (presidential) relief
Now playing: a coastal town’s rite of summer
Enjoy summer while it's here; fall's on the way
Dear Nia Vardalos, about those columns
The very determined tomato
The rich diversity of God's gifts
Crocuses that flower in fall
The very determined tomato
Garden siteseeing in Europe and South Africa