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Monitor Articles for August 11, 2008

Xinjiang violence has silver lining for Beijing
Russian elite and America’s girl next door power US gymnastics
Olympic firsts
Swimming: Thank Lezak, thank the French, love the Olympics
Pressure builds on Pakistan's Musharraf
Russian clout prevails in S. Ossetia
After setbacks, Sadr redirects Mahdi Army
Clashes with Muslim rebels in Philippines displace thousands
Reporters on the Job
Obama's challenge: What role for the Clintons?
Back at ya', McCain
Text Me Obama's VP Choice Please
New McCain Ad "Fan Club" Builds on Celebrity
Monday Morning Reads
After bin Laden driver serves sentence, will US release him?
Abolitionists take on slavery – online
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Russo-Georgian conflict is not all Russia's fault
Opinion Keep Big Brother out of my trash
The Monitor's View Russia's cold-war mentality
Financial Q&A: How to unload real estate following a flood
Learn while you earn
Social Security: a controversial call to raise age of eligibility
I.D. theft: Digital defense is required in a disaster
Relief for consumers: prices falling
Ethical investing: Are US alternative-energy companies a good buy?
What happens when you turn off Beijing's pollution?
Forces colliding
Engage the cloaking device
The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown
Harry Potter causing trouble in Israel
Marriage across the miles
Elephants, giraffes, and lions – oh, my!
Out the window with A/C
Open to the voice of Truth
When gladiolus finishes blooming
Can cattails combat climate change?