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Monitor Articles for July 8, 2008

Sierra Leoneans look for peace through full truth about war crime
Canada fights wedding fraud abroad
American visits to Canada hit 36-year low
China trains 200,000 cheerleaders – for other Olympic teams
China trains 200,000 cheerleaders – for other Olympic teams
Saudi king set to lead rare interfaith talks in Spain
West Bank car enthusiasts start their engines
Female suicide bombings in Iraq: Why the recent surge?
Reporters on the Job
Congress frets as its ratings plummet
As Afghanistan boils, McCain keeps focus on Iraq
Left lacks leverage to stop Obama's rightward tack
Congress frets as its ratings plummet
Monitor Breakfast One in, one out
A U.S. attack on Iran? Not coming soon
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Terrorists in Bangladesh?
Opinion China's people must rise up with nonviolent tactics
The Monitor's View Social Gospel on K Street
Ex-officials urge creation of geoscience mega-agency
Study: Orangutans heading for extinction
On emissions, G-8 looks past Bush
Now, ‘green’ report cards for U.S. colleges
Why Europe backpedals on biofuel targets
Scientists challenge General Relativity. And Mr. Einstein wins again.
Final flight of the NASA shuttles
A love that shocked Russia's aristocracy
The American Soul
The little shop around the corner ... in Nairobi
A former rebel faces the Sierra Leonean farmer he maimed
A peacemaker but no saint
Around the world on 80 couches
Let's make a deal
Spectacular new species
Over the hedge: Occasions to remember
Safe in the storm
Keep track of rainfall
Guerrilla gardening takes root in Los Angeles
Small strawberries, big taste