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Monitor Articles for July 4, 2008

Betancourt meets children in Colombia, while Americans return home
From a U.S. hostage in the Colombian jungle, a marriage proposal
U.S. to open Berlin embassy on symbolic land
Skyscraper farming
Narragansett's ecosystem shake-up
Kazakhstan beyond Borat
Painting the Invisible Man
Review: 'The Wackness'
Review: 'Hancock'
Review: 'Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson'
Review: 'Tell No One'
Noteworthy CD releases
Mark Morris puts his creative twist on a 'new,' less tragic 'Romeo & Juliet'
Loved ones freed in Colombia, family members rejoice
Israelis weigh Jerusalem vulnerabilities in wake of bulldozer attack
Iran hints at nuclear talk progress, but world still wary of possible conflict
Left lacks leverage to stop Obama's rightward tack
A town rallies around July 4 (for 224th time)
US jobs shrink steadily but not precipitously