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Monitor Articles for July 3, 2008

African Union calls for unity government in Zimbabwe
McCain visits a skeptical Latin America
From a U.S. hostage in the Colombian jungle, a marriage proposal
Colombia frees Betancourt and U.S. hostages in commando raid
Protests in Kashmir herald poll tensions
German bunker tour offers return to cold war
In Jordan, aid for Iraqi refugees is often redirected
A 'surge' unit sees change, but questions its permanence
Reporters on the Job
New drive to ban race preferences
New drive to ban race preferences
Guantánamo Detainees: shorter wait?
Afghanistan death toll pressures U.S., allies
'Dukes of Hazzard' devotees gather to celebrate the hit 1980s TV show
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Fitness beyond dodgeball
Opinion Freedom is self-correcting
The Monitor's View Private patriotism
Troubled economy hits women hard
Roundup: Smart Cars, the end of civilization, and fat-to-fuel
Study: Math glitch wildly underestimated extinction risk
The obligatory fireworks post
US calls off solar moratorium
Follow-up: News about world fisheries
EarthTalk: Green alternatives to DEET-based bug sprays
Sonar enters the third dimension
Violin’s secrets come out of the woodwork
Horizon highlights – July 4 weekend
Wry views of a feisty generation
How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend
Appreciation for storytellers
The bald eagle's wings of freedom
Demonyms and our fluid sense of place
The art of the summertime tomato sandwich
Ice on Mars – what's in it for us?
A garden thrives – between a rock and a hard place
Ornamental grasses
What gardeners are doing in other parts of the world