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Monitor Articles for July 22, 2008

Japan’s Olympic hopes ride on women
Beijing's goody-bags for reporters: plenty of bling
An Olympics to get excited about
Why Thai-Cambodian temple dispute lingers
Obama talks to U.S. commanders and Iraqi officials
Barack who? Arabs weigh in.
Detainees’ rights debated as Guantanamo trial begins
Reporters on the Job
Difference Maker Richard Bergenheim: an appreciation
A housing rescue nears – but for whom?
Obama and McCain diverge on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Picking a No. 2 in the glare of the Internet age
How a feisty Florida town fends off malls
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Offshore drilling is a false promise
The Monitor's View Full speed ahead on new energy
PETA comes up with some really lame superheroes
Scientists: Vanishing wetlands could release "carbon bomb"
Why your happiness matters to the planet
A flashy first for Esquire magazine
Efforts to rein in online fight videos
A city locked out of its own data network
The Adventure of English
Long live public libraries
Laboring to save home births
From the book of changes
All of life's little beaches
A last hurrah for summer softball
These kids love being onstage
The continuity of Life
Tumbling tumbleweed
After thunderstorms
The easiest flowers to grow