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Monitor Articles for June 3, 2008

Militants attack near Pakistan-Afghanistan border
The lonely life of a Darfuri refugee on the activist stump in the U.S.
Bolivia's autonomy referendums signal rightist backlash
China's bereaved parents push for accountability
In darkened Rangoon, Burmese get resourceful
In Turkey, a lone peacemaker ends many blood feuds
Why Australia is leaving Iraq
Syria faces UN atomic agency inspection
Reporters on the Job
Briefing: Lessons from past food crises
Diplomacy thriving, but without U.S.
High court rejects fantasy baseball challenge
Harder task to nail money launderers
Rail cargo safety fight heats up
Opinion America the breakup artist
Opinion Why Iranians like America again
The Monitor's View Plant a second Green Revolution
Amid economic slowdown, signs of new world order
Some employers get tough on workplace gossip
Pay zero tax on capital gains? A window of opportunity opens.
Probe finds NASA suppressed climate data
Carbon cuts: how costly?
In Montana, bison plan paused
Rock revival, via video games
Why do so many Americans have crummy Internet speeds?
A rueful return to the links
Enlightenment for Idiots
An uneasy time in the book world
To keep kids safe, Chicagoans join the walk to school
Violent video games – the myths and the facts
When it comes to dogs, bravery isn't everything
Kids quiz: X marks the spot
Helping others who are suffering pain
Knowing is better than guessing
Your coleus questions answered
Why doesn't my magnolia bloom?
Easy, enjoyable Flower Carpet roses
From our files: Yves Saint Laurent and team succeed Dior