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Monitor Articles for June 20, 2008

Nigerian oil: Anger in the delta over who gets paid
Mexicans in the U.S. sending fewer dollars home
Why former Mexican migrants are staying home
Eyeing tourism, Haiti battles its violent reputation
Superstitions fly as Chinese reel from a bad (luck) year
Europe ratchets up its pressure on immigrants
Spain will pay unemployed migrant workers to leave
How Iran would retaliate if it comes to war
On U.S. coasts, a rethink on oil drilling?
Court clarifies standards for denial of disability benefits
High court: limits to defend oneself in court
Modern crews sign on for ancient Chinese dragon boat racing
These students have a (business) plan
U.S. plan to ease air congestion runs into head winds
On U.S. coasts, a rethink on oil drilling?
Floods engulf archaic levee system
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Rough patch, downturn, or sideways waffle: They all spell recession
Opinion A call to be more civil
The Monitor's View Yes to offshore oil – but just not now
San Francisco to try out 'dynamic parking'
UK eco-club to be powered by dancing
Hot and heavy ‘super Earths’
Five years, 5 billion downloads
Horizon highlights – 6.20.08
Tall tales in pictures
Children's books and war
Six picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Scriptwriters pursue their screen dreams
A Chinese star's rare rise in Western opera
Finding unity in three minutes of silence
Peanut-butter kiss
The language of the broad brush
Fortitude and the U.S. Open
What's deadheading?
A four-legged gardener finds a job
Flowers and fashion in Chicago
Monitor Breakfast Obama opts out of public funding for campaign