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Monitor Articles for June 2, 2008

Mexico prepares for (Ford) Fiesta
Outsourced athletes
After China's quake, disarray for kids
Amid aid delays, locals in Burma (Myanmar) rebuild
In Egypt, 'dramatic' push for women's voices
Mexico drug violence intensifies
Reporters on the Job
What's next for Clinton camp after delegates decision?
Opinion Candidates: Don't forget the poor rich!
Opinion Why Islam lies at the heart of Iraq's civil war
The Monitor's View Outsourced athletes
"Carbon scrubber" could remove CO2 from the air
Employers mull four-day work week
Florida woman runs a sanctuary for big cats
A rainbow of Galapagos wildlife
Red planet, in black and white
Violent video games – the myths and the facts
New views of the Cuban missile crisis
The Thirteenth Tale
What our next president should read
In Turkey, a lone peacemaker ends many blood feuds
Follow the quilt barn trails
More Mail Bag matches
A humble inhabitant of an opulent estate
Spiritual healing: the power at work within
Green light for zucchini
Ask that shrub to say 'cheese'
Butterflies everywhere