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Monitor Articles for May 28, 2008

Nigeria militants step up oil attacks
Sex abuse by peacekeepers still a problem, says report
Has Russian oil output peaked?
A Vietnamese man shelters unwed mothers
Nepal faces dilemma over ex-rebels
Turkey revives stalled $32 billion GAP dam and irrigation project
Pakistan continues peace efforts with Taliban
Reporters on the Job
'08 race has got religion. Is that good?
End near for U.S.-E.U. chicken flap?
Workers can sue firms over retaliation, Supreme Court rules
How one Southern church forges unity through voice
Letters to the Editor
Opinion MLK memorial: A statue fit for a King?
Opinion Schools' unrest over the AP test
The Monitor's View Mexico's extreme makeover
'Foreclosure tourism' is a ticket to opportunity
Profile of a (maybe) recession
China to sack plastic shopping bags
A comeback for the humpback
Would you eat a vat burger?
Delisting of wolves raises hackles
Cellphones go into visual search mode
Where’s the beef? Try the lab.
To the defense of Ann Shakespeare
Italy's Sorrow
More summer reading
Simple cooking with fresh, organic ingredients
Dressed-up veggies
Parenting: Leading children through life's jungle
Fresh berries make the best jam
Graduates' road ahead
Let Your Container Gardens Go Native
After-dinner composting
Tropical drama with elephant ears
Thousands evacuated below China's quake lake
From our files – Director Pollack off the film set: His Hollywood movies turn out to be different