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Monitor Articles for May 23, 2008

World's top envoy entreats Burma (Myanmar)
Six months out, Bangladesh's cyclone woes unresolved
Why Qatar is emerging as Middle East peacemaker
South Africa's anti-immigrant violence spreads to Cape Town
Petraeus: More troop cuts likely in Iraq
Detainee treatment: new details
Cricket's new wicket: American high schools
Border schools get tough on Mexican students
Tribes strive to save native tongues
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Rethink the fight against cocaine
Opinion The word 'like' is, like, not pretty
The Monitor's View A worthy Obama-McCain clash
Firms pump up the wellness
Is it time for a broader bond strategy?
'Tanks-A-Lot' and other ploys to ease pump woes
Canadian teen discovers plastic-bag-devouring microbe
Senate weighs cost of acting, and not acting, on emissions
EarthTalk: Should house cats roam free outside?
No-pressure way to capture CO2
Send your robot to work
Google: Everyone gets a website
That Summer in Sicily
A Gift from Brittany
What I'll be reading this summer
Singing their way to stardom
Amsterdam art, off the beaten path
The London mews: trendy home, tiny living space
The five words you need most
The best blanket for our baby goat
Consumer confidence
Sniff that mint before buying
Waterlilies that double your pleasure