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Monitor Articles for May 22, 2008

Attacks on foreigners spread in S. Africa
Mexico boosts police ethics to fight drugs
One athlete's story of competing in his country's first Olympics
One athlete's story of competing in his country's first Olympics
Guantánamo ex-detainee tells Congress of abuse
As Georgia votes, Saakashvili explains Tbilisi's stance on Abkhazia, Russia
Israel confirms Golan Heights talks with Syria
Sharm el-Sheik hosts tourists, world leaders
Qatari deal defuses Lebanese crisis
Basque separatist arrested as Spain confronts region's future
Rising price of rice keeps U.N. scrambling to feed world's hungry
Reporters on the Job
Obama starts to attract Clinton voters
NATO extends Afghanistan tours
Cottages are lightning rod in storm over Gulf's future look
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Do graduates understand citizenship?
Opinion Ending the gay-marriage war
The Monitor's View A cost to sports 'edu-tainment'
"Space roo" helps climate change experiment
Remember that time I wrote about Harrison Ford getting his chest waxed as a way of calling attention to deforestation?
Nanowires could boost solar cell efficiency
Critics slam loss of Brazil’s environmental chief
Going ‘green’ has Willets Point seeing red
With Phoenix mission, water hunt to resume on Mars
Dinos’ old stomping ground
African park bridges the ‘Last Mile’ of digital divide
One in five Americans has never used e-mail
A 'thoroughly modern' Middle East
On Chesil Beach
Interview: Jane Goodall embraces a broader mission
Russian parents make no apologies for being 'hyperprotective'
Free-range kids
Dog days of summer vacation
Ballad of the Button
More Mail Bag matches
Finding home after loss
Why didn't my azalea flower?
Timeless grace
Quick coverup
Vicarious garden visits
Airlines awash in red ink