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Monitor Articles for April 8, 2008

Toronto's condo market booms
India's jobs plan goes nationwide
In Paris, Olympic torch ignites protests
Marines face last insurgent stronghold in Iraq's Anbar Province
Convicted terrorists escape Moroccan jail
Online papers challenge Japan's mainstream media
Reporters on the Job
Reporter cracks open scores of civil rights-era cases
Congress to hear Petraeus on Iraq with eye on U.S. elections
Panning for gold in California streams
Olympic torch protests chagrin many Chinese-Americans
More waters off California may be off limits to oil drilling
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Straight talk about the autopen
Opinion How green is your presidential candidate?
The Monitor's View Let the FDA oversee tobacco
Should Congress help borrowers?
Apple Inc. vs. the Big Apple
Flocking to Flocke
Should localities be allowed to go it alone?
More waters off California may be off limits to oil drilling
What Is Life?
When Robert Frost met Khrushchev
Readers' picks
In search of a new Islamic state
A guide to more mindful vacations
Books: 'What is life?'
'Lavinia': Ursula Le Guin champions Vergil's neglected heroine
The art of canine – and human – leadership
This dog sniffs for a living
On 'getting'