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Monitor Articles for April 22, 2008

Cuba arrests Ladies in White
Jewish leader revives Shanghai synagogue
Roots of Asia's rice crisis
Asia limits rice exports as prices and uncertainty rise
One reporter's odyssey tracking his uncle's legacy in Laos
At Kuwait meeting, U.S. hope for regional aid to Iraq
Will Carter's Hamas foray bear fruit?
Georgia says Russia downed spy plane
Reporters on the Job
Congress complicates war funding with new demands
Only '08 storm cloud for Democrats: heated presidential race
Why Clinton needs to win big in Pennsylvania
California pays rising price for prison growth
A defendant's right to confront accusers: How far does it extend?
Western ranchers fight for a new deal on wilderness
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Stop waiting for 'leaders' to act on global warming
Opinion Hungry for change in Haiti
The Monitor's View Food for America's famished
Western ranchers fight for a new deal on wilderness
Young and post-modern in NYC
McMafia: coming soon to a location near you
'Write as short as you can'
Young and post-modern in NYC
Readers' picks
An author shares the real drama in her life
Bringing down America's House of Oil
Ooey, gooey oil seeps on the seafloor
Earth Day's promise