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Monitor Articles for April 11, 2008

U.S. military expands role in West Africa
Fresh political tensions raise concerns in Kenya's IDP camps
Haitian leader's answer to food crisis doesn't satisfy critics
Cubans now can enjoy cellphones, DVDs ... legally
Protests or not, Olympic torch officials plan to stay the course
Nepalese turn out in force to vote
Marine quick reaction force starts to settle into southern Afghanistan
In Italian elections, Berlusconi's charisma is winning
Housing roils Spain's economy as Zapatero starts second term
Sadr City clashes hit Iraqi civilians hard
Do satellite photos show Iran ballistic missile facility?
Reporters on the Job
Stresses still high on U.S. military
How one man brings Abe Lincoln to life
States vie to attract clean-tech industries
Fallen soldier honored by donations to Iraqi children
Letters to the Editor
Opinion When we abuse animals we debase ourselves
Opinion Poetry is essential to politics, and to us
The Monitor's View Iraq's realities (whoever is president)
Inflation hits consumers worldwide
High diesel prices squeeze truckers
Senate clears housing relief bill
Review: 'The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë'
Into It: Dianne Reeves
Monitor Picks
New on DVD: 'Juno,' 'There Will be Blood'
New in theaters
'Young@Heart': Retirees revivify rock 'n' roll
'The Visitor' outstays its welcome
Tubegazing: 'Human Footprint'
For an Iraq war veteran, new play is a personal odyssey
Verbal energy: 'Making a difference' this spring
Frida Kahlo: a full life, fully expressed
Divine Love embraces us all