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Monitor Articles for March 25, 2008

In Zimbabwe, bread costs Z$10 million
Leftwing activists flock to Venezuela to soak up the socialist 'revolution'
In Japan, take the family out to the ballgame
Bhutan makes it official: it's a democracy
As dollar sinks, Thais struggle to keep economy afloat
Germans sour on capitalism amid corporate scandals
In Europe, widening probe targets tax haven
Egypt targets Muslim Brotherhood moderates
U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 4,000, but rate is slowing
African forces invade rebel Comoros
Reporters on the Job
Charges against Detroit mayor another blow for city
Should the world talk to Hamas?
At Supreme Court: Americans accused in Iraq want U.S. judge inspires do-gooders to keep it up
Task force strikes hard at Medicare scams
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Is democracy a natural state of mankind?
Opinion Stop treating parents as ATMs
The Monitor's View Don't fold on Internet gambling ban
Seismic waves of mistrust
Readers' picks
Two freed slaves and the (early) American dream
Why comic books scared us so
'A Step from Death' is a memoir full of poetry
Arthur C. Clarke: an inventor of the world as we know it today
Family planning gone awry
Court for kids: it's your turn to be the judge
How do you celebrate Earth Day?
Why we do what we do
Supreme Court dismisses 'Hillary: The Movie' case