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Monitor Articles for March 13, 2008

In Kenya, a refuge from female circumcision
Hamas leader Haniyeh offers Gaza truce
Speculation persists about Admiral Fallon's departure from Pentagon
In the Amazon, a forestry cop matches wits with illegal loggers
Afghanistan's soaring drug trade hits home
Breakaway bids test Aceh's post-tsunami peace deal
Reporters on the Job
Israelis bolster new front line with Gaza
For Clinton and Obama, next six weeks are critical
After Spitzer: Paterson brings political acumen to New York politics
China's human rights rating upgraded by U.S. State Dept.
How schools use the Iditarod as an instructional tool
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Buy my house – please!
Opinion The risks of fighting poverty too well
The Monitor's View Lessons from Spitzer's fall
Fed's bold $200 billion move
Where climate change meets national security
Corn's gulf impact
Core strength of gators
Where climate change meets national security
On the horizon: news from the frontiers of science
What Nim Chimpsky taught us
Ulysses satellite's heroic journey comes to an end
Michael Heller: a thinker who bridges science and theology
March: not winter, not spring
Time for spring – and pansies
What's your favorite cookbook?
Beyond picture-perfect
When happiness is missing