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Monitor Articles for February 7, 2008

Temple demolitions anger Malaysia Indians
China's Lang Lang hopes to snap up a Grammy
Pakistan's Taliban offers truce, Army demurs
UK bugging case: too much Big Brother?
Lebanon's 'Black Sunday' killings raise sectarian tensions
U.S. budget boosts coal and nuclear power
Bangladesh's corruption probe sets back interim government
Reporters on the Job
A human rights statistician finds truth in numbers
U.S. free trade accords face rocky road
Californians give a nod to Indian gambling increase
Tornadoes tear through Southern states, but new alerts saved lives
United Airlines to charge for second bag
Refugees find refuge as college students in Vermont
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Obama's biggest obstacle
Opinion At Africa Cup of Nations, lingering bias against blacks
The Monitor's View McCain: a maverick no more?
What's in a (domain) name? Some serious cash.
U.S. budget boosts coal and nuclear power
Has Earth entered a new epoch? What geologists think.
What's in a (domain) name? Some serious cash.
A good-hearted comedy of manners
In pursuit of a higher form of freedom
The best and worst of the written word
Self-help books get the 'tough love' treatment
Garden Wildlife
Essay: A rescued quilt shines brightly
Short Stuff
Renewable energy, renewed planet