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Monitor Articles for February 19, 2008

Angry opposition youths oppose Kenya compromise
In Africa, Bush touts aid efforts, basks in popularity
Brazil alcohol ban hard for retailers to swallow
Thai leaders spar over autonomy for south
Young Kosovars hope to shape newly declared state
After declaring independence, Kosovo looks to cautious next steps
Lebanese turmoil withers 'Beirut Spring' optimism
Republished Danish cartoon of prophet Muhammad ignites tensions
Reporters on the Job
Risks from lapsed wiretap law are disputed
Will Wisconsin primary build Obama streak?
One man's crusade to stop the world from complaining
Employer retaliation cases reach U.S. Supreme Court
Private colleges' crime records going public
Letters to the Editor
Opinion How Republicans might sink Obama
Opinion The cellphone novel: Ain't it gr8! :)
The Monitor's View Kosovo: Mind the gap
Credit squeeze's potential ripple effects
Tech roundup: Blu-Ray to best HD DVD in format wars?
She fell in love with a stereotype…
The further adventures of Happy
Mount Vernon's checkered past
She longs for India as much as he yearns to become an American
'The Learners' tells of life after 'The Cheese Monkeys'
An honest look at a slave-trading family's past
The rigors of a Russian at war
The rock star of the book jacket design world
Teens, their dogs, and an amazing race
School shooters and mall gunmen – disarmed
Pakistan: No bombs, but plenty of tension as polls close for counting