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Monitor Articles for February 12, 2008

Ponte City – a South African landmark – rises again
Mexican woman fights for voting rights
No feat too minor for Malaysia's record breakers
Failed Timor assassination may lessen rebels' sway
Australia to apologize to Aborigines for injustice: how helpful?
Archbishop controversy: does sharia have a role in Britain?
Gaza rockets: Israelis demand end to militant attacks
Many Iranians say revolutionary ideals still unmet
New focus on undersea Internet cable security after cuts
Reporters on the Job
Potomac primaries: Obama holds momentum
U.S. charges six to start 9/11 military trials
Nonprofit journalism on the rise
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Lincoln's love for the law
Opinion Out of Kenya's violence, rebirth
The Monitor's View Primary thunderbolts
Will additives push gasoline to a record high?
Love poems on a post card
The thrilling woes of that thing called 'love story'
Readers' picks
Byzantium surprise
In The Monsters of Templeton,' Cooperstown run amok
Love poems on a postcard
'The Wagner Clan,' Germany's real-life melodrama
A most considerate poet
Thurgood Marshall: Civil Rights Champion
Missing, but still loved