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Monitor Articles for December 8, 2008

Mumbai attacker's hometown is in Pakistan
In China, empty office spaces fill the sky
Pakistani militants attack key NATO supply line
University brings American-style learning to Iraq
In unconfirmed raid, Pakistan seizes Mumbai attack ringleader
Reporters on the Job
Anarchists' fury fuels Greek riots
Obama admits he hasn't totally kicked the cigarette habit
Whew... Obama can still be President - Supreme Court declines case
Ohio Democrat wins seat in last undecided House race
US task: Put jobless into jobs
Congress near a Big Three deal, with strings attached
Letters to the Editor
Opinion End, don't mend, the Transportation Security Administration
Opinion Somalia's piracy problem is everyone's problem
The Monitor's View The US road through Turkey
Can green firms grow in today's downturn?
A biblical lesson for today's bankers
Financial Q&A: Postbankruptcy mortgage, but stuck at a high rate
Retirement accounts offer tax relief
The vanishing 9-to-5 job
Two rockets and a new space race
Wiis and iPhones? Wal-Mart corners the 'must-haves' this winter
Looking for Lincoln
Help the publishing industry – find a book drive
Name that bat for the holidays
Teens in Oakland, Calif., find an outlet in ‘scraper bikes’
Europe's Christmas markets
Here in a moonlight castle near Antibes
The humble football hero
A universal holiday singalong
What shields us from harm
Garden 'siteseeing' in Texas, Montana, Alberta, and Michigan