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Monitor Articles for December 5, 2008

In Ghana, a political neophyte, with a household name, campaigns
As Mexico's drug war rages, military takes over for police
Sectarian tensions simmer over a pig in Cotabato City
Public anger strains Indian-Pakistani cooperation
How a murder investigation could snarl Mideast peace
Christie's takes disputed earrings off auction block
Hebron clash tests Israeli ability to remove outposts
Pakistani organization accused of links to Mumbai attacks holds open house
In Canada, Harper's government in crisis
Vlad TV: Putin hits airwaves to reassure Russians
Reporters on the Job
Obama raises $750 million for campaign - ends up getting job
Supreme Court case: Can terror suspect in US be held indefinitely?
Catholic groups fear abortion rights bill
Letters to the Editor
Opinion With Obama's help, France, too, can shatter the glass ceiling for blacks
Opinion My teen wants a computer in his room. I say no. Here's why.
The Monitor's View Why a Big Three rescue is so hard
Auto bailout: Congress gets closer to a decision
Uncertain impact of US push to cut mortgage rates
Is US now stuck with irrational pessimism?
America's 'other' auto industry
Oil industry adjusts to lower prices
Loss of 533,000 US jobs is sharpest in 34 years
Noise pollution threatening marine life
UN defends carbon-trading scheme from US criticism
EarthTalk: How can I form an environmental club at school?
Horizon highlights – Tech history edition
The School on Heart's Content Road
The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean
No Kindle under your Christmas tree
Venus is on a roll
Midlife discovery: I'm a brother in collage with Satchmo
Our tall, grand, and clumsy tree
Where are all these countries coming from?
Dec. 7, 1941 – the day that changed the world
Over the hedge
You have a prayer!