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Monitor Articles for December 30, 2008

Setbacks in Mexico's war on corruption
China projects naval power in pirate fight
Jakarta's urban heritage gains an audience
Israeli strikes in Gaza risk political win for Hamas
Eight die in Pakistan offensive against militants in the Khyber Pass
Why Al Qaeda isn't gaining a foothold in Cambodia
Reporters on the Job
Race reemerges as issue for GOP
Defiant Blagojevich announces replacement for Obama's Senate seat
At overcrowded Florida prisons, some inmates may just camp out
With fewer jobs, fewer illegal immigrants
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Needed in Gaza: US inspectors, peacekeepers, and aid workers
Opinion Don't let Nicaragua's Ortega become a Mugabe
The Monitor's View Lottery's lure lost
Bailout may cost trillions ... or not
How hot was 2008?
EarthTalk: Is push for ‘healthy’ oil destroying rain forests?
Holding on to 2008 for just one second more
Movie-style ratings for websites panned
Thames: The Biography
The Old Way: A Story of the First People
The secret literary life of George W. Bush
Columbia's lessons for future rocketeers
One man’s quest to improve the lot of fishermen – and fish
To read or not to read, that is the question.
What makes them brothers?
For kids: School of rock 'n' roll
Be stress free
Help the Smithsonian solve a garden mystery