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Monitor Articles for December 3, 2008

Will Venezuela's murder rate hurt Chávez?
Ruling party must disband, Thai court orders
New template for terror?
US subcontractor keeps 1,000 Asians confined in Iraq warehouse
Israelis mourn losses in Mumbai attacks
Rice urges Pakistan to ‘act quickly’ in Mumbai terror investigation
Reporters on the Job
Monitor Breakfast Chertoff: US can learn from Mumbai attacks
With Chambliss, Republicans win one in the South
Bush could run for U.S. Senate (Jeb - not George)
Ed Rendell on Janet Napolitano: Perfect because she has no life!
In Guantánamo case, a judge tightens the screws on the US
Conservative bishops propose a competing North American Anglican church
Hit by hurricane Ike and unexpected layoffs, Galveston ponders its recovery
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Want less, spend less – wealth is relative to desire
Opinion With a little help from Congress, homeowners could come to their own rescue
The Monitor's View Mexico's plea to Obama: Curb drug use
Obama, governors share plans for boosting public-works jobs
The abundant fossil fuel you’ve never heard of
Seeking $34 billion from Congress, automakers promise electric cars
Hawaii endorses ambitious electric car plan
Can we have sustainable flying cars?
Rice-powered stove ignites new hope for poor farmers
Checking in on T-Mobile's G1
Hawaii seeks 'Better Place' through electric cars
Best short stories of 2008
George III: America’s Last King
"Beedle the Bard": the next must-have for Harry Potter fans
An ethical question involving ebooks
Volunteering elbow grease for science
Environmentally minded cowboys run a green ranch in Arizona
The search for saffron
Bacon with dessert?
My own private wildlife sanctuary
No trouble with Love