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Monitor Articles for December 29, 2008

Tensions rise as Pakistan moves troops
Gaza: Why Israel and Hamas are trading rocket fire
Amid growing international pressure, Somalia's president resigns
Irish pork recovering slowly after feed scare
Malta: Africans' way station to the EU
Reporters on the Job
Shoes flung at Bush flying from shelves
Difference Maker Dining on a dollar a day
Some US Hispanics trace their Jewish past
Wanted: More science and math teachers in the US
Letters to the Editor
Opinion India: Let Kashmir go
Opinion Does community service really change anything?
The Monitor's View Beyond bombs and rockets in Gaza
Job skill for the times: coping with a layoff
US economy's gloom expected to begin lifting by late '09
How to hold money managers accountable
Financial Q&A: gold-coin sales tactics and taxes
Financial moves for 2009: It's just child's play.
Can we run our cars on human fat?
Electric sports car
Montana’s got wind, needs power lines
Backyard reactors? Firms shrink the nukes.
This New Year's Eve, every second counts
The Northern Clemency
People of the Book
Free books for the asking – digital ones, that is
Enjoy your leap second
It's shelter but not a home
Goodbye green guilt, hello change
The rotary, a bottomless pit of human foibles
Caller ID
A Wikipedia for plants?