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Monitor Articles for December 24, 2008

Major foreign policy test awaits Obama in Somalia
China extends a friendly bear paw across Taiwan Strait
Cheap hotels await China's new sightseers, budget travelers
Afghan voter registration marred
India's media blasted for sensational Mumbai coverage
In South Lebanon, UN peacekeepers hunt for goodwill
Reporters on the Job
Law targets unruly beggars in Ireland
Obama "slights" the South in picking his team
Will Obama’s plans help the middle class?
Websites connect donors to specific needs
Survivalist businesses surge in uncertain times
Why fewer murder cases get solved
Letters to the Editor
Opinion How we're tying up terrorists' cash
Opinion Want green jobs? Watch California.
The Monitor's View To hear the angels sing
Housing: More help may be needed
Happy 40th, Earthrise
Seattle's salt-free snow response raises hackles
Cities may sprout vertical farms
Jungle diary, Part 2: Who knew there were so many kinds of mosquito in Papua?
EarthTalk: Can we do without telephone books?
Without Jobs, what from Apple at Macworld?
The Lost Art of Walking
There Is No Me Without You
Another memoir set to implode?
The artist who created the White House Christmas card
Maine lobster for Christmas
A sweet, Spanish Christmas
Underneath the pierced eyebrows and tattoos
Make a little room for Christmas