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Monitor Articles for December 10, 2008

Recession hits Japan's part-time workers
India pressures Pakistan by naming Mumbai suspects
The far-right rises in Israeli politics
'Mercy' ad campaign urges Saudis to treat foreign workforce humanely
Ethiopian troops launch major offensives against Islamist insurgents in Somalia
Russians trudge ahead as economy tanks once again
Reporters on the Job
In Europe, same-sex showdown moves to UN
President-elect Obama thinks Illinois Governor Blagojevich should quit
Blagojevich case is part of feds’ focus on graft
Joe the Plumber trashes McCain in new book
California running out of money
For news industry, troubles only accelerate
A government-run auto industry?
East L.A., Latino heartland, revives its dream of cityhood
US students improve in math
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Obama's moment on human rights
Opinion A political ruckus ... in Canada?!
The Monitor's View Pump up the federal gas tax
Reports: Obama picks energy chief
Environmentalists send their wish list to Obama
In Atlanta, an expanded botanical mission
How is Sony's Home better than Second Life?
Google doubles Street View coverage
The future of search: Do you ask Google or the gaggle?
What Matters
Iran Awakening
'The book was better': Movies that didn't measure up
Amazon's Jeff Bezos as 2008 'Person of the Year'
Colorado couple tries to go a year without buying anything new
Christmas songs in the spotlight
San Antonio's holiday tamales
The hunt for the humble hermit
A new script for family drama
The heart of Christmas
An oasis in an unexpected spot
The 12 days of Christmas plants -- kalanchoe