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Monitor Articles for December 1, 2008

Africa’s AIDS fight: Fresh focus on issue of multiple partners
Korea's history: What text should high-schoolers read?
Mumbai attacks pose test for India
Steadfast, Mumbai begins picking up the pieces
Mumbai attacks raise pressure on a beleaguered Pakistan
Airport clash grounds Thailand
Reporters on the Job
Governors to President-elect Obama: send money soon.
Obama's national security 'team of rivals'
Will NATO do more for Obama?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The unquenchable fire in Burmese hearts
Opinion Obama's change: minor or major?
The Monitor's View Best ways to react to India's '9/11'
Financial Q&A: Mutual fund tax planning often begins with a phone call
US Treasury and the Fed: too close for comfort?
Retail season starts strong, but a long haul ahead
Gift-giving gets a little smaller
Early tax planning can save you money
Cyber Monday: Will online shopping save the economy?
Obama plans to 'green' the White House
Light pollution harms not just stargazers
Building trust tops global climate agenda
Whale flipper windmill
No more parking tickets
Tonight, for one show only ... it's Jupiter, Venus, and the moon!
Cyber Monday? Meh.
Writers strike out on their own with a website
Best nonfiction books of 2008
'Three Cups of Tea'
The books authors have on their Christmas lists
Adult readers: check out these book for teens
I decide to attend the opera, with Raisinets and bonbons.
A quiet moment to redeem a scarred past
A bird's-eye view of the farm
Oldest Holocaust survivor tells a story of faith and courage that's out of the ordinary
A junk drawer full of treasures
Shutting the door on terrorism
An American at Swiss gardening boot camp
Want a new houseplant? Here's a great choice.