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Monitor Articles for November 7, 2008

Fragile success against Afghanistan's opium economy
With Obama's victory, Europe's minorities sense new possibilities
Will Obama change course in the Middle East?
In a desert camp, Iraqis find aid and zone of trust
Killing of Congolese civilians highlights urgency of UN summit
Reporters on the Job
In Colombia, Army acknowledges civilian killings
Obama urges Bush, Congress to pass a stimulus package
For Obama, the economy can't wait
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Europe, not the US, can get Russia to behave
Opinion A smarter North Korea policy
The Monitor's View Do Republicans have a 'Yes, we can'?
Huge job losses signal a shrinking economy
New York mayor proposes plastic-bag surcharge
How to spur action on climate change
End of toy story: Where do lead-tainted toys go?
Horizon highlights – Post-election edition
John Lennon: The Life
A Life with Karol
The life and work of John Leonard
Accused of a crime, a Rwandan refugee has her day in court
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Traditional African textiles inspire modern art
The changing face of Chicago blues
Unnecessary punctuation – may I quote you on that?
Over the Hedge
An American driver on British roads
Meeting the need – and then some
Garden 'siteseeing' with four guys
Mexico moves to quell foul play rumors in deadly plane crash