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Monitor Articles for November 6, 2008

Mexican crash could set back drug war
Russia warns US of potential new arms race
Global survey: youths see spiritual dimension to life
Obama made inroads with religious vote
After big losses, GOP looks to rebuild public trust
An economic lift after the vote?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A historic victory. A changed nation. Now, can Obama deliver?
Opinion Obama's global to-do list
The Monitor's View Obama's big win, and big embrace
Obama's promises face a rough road ahead
Climate change threatening lemmings
Running on hydrogen
Are alternative fuels reliving the 1980s?
Bad week for Yahoo
Breakfast at Sally's
Starfist: Flashfire
More tributes to Michael Crichton
Publishers to Bush on memoir: Don't hurry
Three cups of tea was a ticket to education
Txt 2 stay in touch
More Mail Bag matches
Water to live by
Is this really New York or are we in the tropics?
Do men and women garden differently?