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Monitor Articles for November 25, 2008

Russia's new presence in Latin America
Curaçao buffeted as it plays host to US military site, Venezuelan business interests
Venezuela vote emboldens Chávez
Rise in crime, kidnapping, top Afghans' worries
Batman vs. Batman
Heads of US charity convicted on terror-financing charges
Reporters on the Job
Dimming hope for European auto giants
As Latinos tilt Democratic, can Texas stay ‘red’?
Who will fill Obama’s Senate seat?
Can US judges order detainees released?
From the editor: The Monitor's next century
A global online push for compassion
Monitor timeline
Inside the Monitor, a culture of camaraderie – and a shared mission
Our first century
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Liberals, too, should reject the Fairness Doctrine
Opinion For China and Taiwan, a welcome thaw
The Monitor's View Iraq's vote for independence
Obama's vast jobs plan: How hard?
Obama acting increasingly presidential
Fewer fliers this Thanksgiving, but flights will still be packed
In Michigan's auto belt, it's nail-biting time
Democrats brace for ‘midnight rules’ from Bush
Is your game console running? Better go catch it.
Reviews of 'Chalice' and 'House of Many Ways'
Twilight: big movie, big books
World's most expensive new book?
A new Kindle early next year?
A rollercoaster ride in the world of book sales
The prayer booth: an artist’s “exhibit” of faith
On the run every Thanksgiving
For kids: Down on the turkey farm
The yearly mashed potato complaint
Engaging with the world
Thanksgiving flowers