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Monitor Articles for November 18, 2008

In Beijing, author treads fine line as she tells Tibet's story
Bill could hasten Putin's return as president
Karzai's bid for negotiations with Taliban roundly rejected
Reporters on the Job
France captures top ETA leader
US case highlights Cuban 'slaves' in Curaçao
Cheney to hit the campaign trail for Louisiana Republican. What?
Republican criticizes Republican for criticizing Republican (then criticizes another Republican)
Closing Guantánamo prison may force new rules for trying terrorists
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A new New Deal for America
Opinion America's 'height of hypocrisy' on tobacco
The Monitor's View Uneasy lies King Coal's crown
Where should bailout dollars go?
A lone bright spot in real estate: farmland
How air imperils the sea
Google unlocks Life magazine's photo vault
Google's mobile voice search: Can you hear me now?
Reviews of "I See You Everywhere" and "The Flying Troutmans"
Poetry beneath their feet: A public display of art and literacy
The Inspector Barlach Mysteries
Good writing vs. talented writing
Is Huckabee's book aimed at 2012?
Bluegrass music echoes from honky tonks of ... New York?
Make room for new traditions
Sidewalk stanzas
The G-20 Economic Summit
Warmth and blooming flowers all winter long
From tiny acorns, oaks