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Monitor Articles for November 17, 2008

Latin jitters over Obama's free-trade policies
For Europe, Obama revives positive image of America's unique identity
'Dancing' with the Koran lands Ahmadinejad aide in hot water
Iraqi cabinet votes to keep US troops
ETA military mastermind arrested in France
Somali pirates attack tanker loaded with oil
Reporters on the Job
Hip, new Baghdad hangout is a byproduct of war
Obama and McCain meet amid bipartisan symbolism
Obama signals he will tap his rivals
New lawmakers vow to renounce partisanship
Obama on '60 Minutes' -- leader of the free world, doer of dishes
After Obama's win, white backlash festers in US
Florida fights childhood obesity with new gym rule
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A bipartisan Washington begins with Obama's judicial appointments
The Monitor's View A start for a new economic order
Bored at work? Read this.
Consumers close their wallets
Financial Q&A: A tax-free way to transfer annuities
How to avoid soaring bank fees
Traditional pensions: Are they at risk?
G-20 leaders agree to next economic steps
Can more spending revive the American dream?
Schwarzenegger says California must prepare for warming
XO laptop: Give one, get one with Amazon
First Person America
What sells books? A nod from Obama
A bit too wild about Harry Potter?
An orphaned Koranic prodigy finds his place in the world
Marriages follow the ups and downs of the economy
Family lessons from Big Mama the possum
More Mail Bag matches
OK, class, it's time for YouTube
What's next?
Houseplants that prefer warmth