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Monitor Articles for November 14, 2008

What does Congo's Gen. Nkunda want?
Kenya taps into Brazil's ethanol expertise
Brazil as a new kind of oil giant
Osama Bin Laden 'largely isolated' from Al Qaeda, says CIA
Reporters on the Job
To battle obesity, Britain creates nine 'healthy towns'
Study: Election created new 'values voter'
Three states eye bold high school reforms
Letters to the Editor
Opinion California's same-sex marriage case affects all of us
Opinion Obama's impact on 'Generation We'
The Monitor's View Will Obama focus on race issues?
With crisis spreading, G-20 leaders eye quick relief
Why $25 billion bailout may not help strapped automakers
State and city budgets falling fast
A new economic club of nations
Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year: 'hypermiling'
Recycled building materials trim waste and are cheaper, too
Road trip: RV manufacturers scramble to stretch their mpgs
Buoys help ships steer clear of right whales
Horizon highlights – Geek culture edition
'Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt'
'The Women's Bible Commentary'
Can't women write 'large'?
Joe Biden, time for you to choose a pet
Stop outsourcing my customer-service calls to India
Orientalist paintings take a tour of modern Middle East
A composer moves opera into the future
Opera reaches for new scale
Over the hedge
How programmers helped make the case for camels
When love feels lost
Garden 'siteseeing' in South Florida and other warm places