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Monitor Articles for November 13, 2008

Among Latin leftists, Brazil's moderate Lula leads the way
Brazil becomes antipoverty showcase
North Korea hits back at balloon activism from South
Human Rights Watch faults Egypt's 'shoot-to-stop' policy
A rare imam who juggles fatwas, interfaith confabs
New mayor offers Jerusalem a secular turn
Sudan cease-fire call gets wary reception in Darfur
Reporters on the Job
Under Obama, a newly interactive government?
Gay activists protest Mormon church
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The Saudi King's vision for interfaith dialogue
Opinion The Saudis' dubious interfaith agenda at the UN
The Monitor's View The trust factor in mortgage bailouts
New bailout focus: how to fight foreclosures
What about the ugly animals?
Financial crisis threatens climate-change momentum
Getting sulfur and soot out of truck exhaust
Space station to get ‘home makeover’
Planet hunters snap first pictures of other solar systems
An electric workout through pedal power
Korean scientist engineers super batteries
'Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt'
Man Asian Literary Prize Awarded
'If I Die in Juárez'
Children's book takes top prize
In modern Cameroon polygamy doesn’t pay
From tiny acorns, mighty oaks
Angelic antidote to gun violence
The chysanthemum's star power
The grateful gardener