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Monitor Articles for October 9, 2008

Sudan makes case abroad while still bombing Darfur
No Afghan-Taliban peace talks, for now
Poland's organic farms prove to be fruitful ventures
Will Britain's rescue plan work?
As violence drops, Iraqi tribes begin to make amends
Syria downplays troop buildup on Lebanese border
Reporters on the Job
Monitor Breakfast Joint Chiefs head: ‘Enablers’ needed in troop-scarce Afghanistan
Monitor Breakfast Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen readies for new boss, Afghanistan challenges
McCain to Biden: Too early to celebrate
McCain's poll numbers have fallen and he can't get up!
Biden: "McCain campaign is on the ropes"
Obama's middle name - not in the talking points!
America as superpower: shaken, not deposed
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac must go
Opinion End the US-Cuba embargo: It's a win-win
The Monitor's View Americans turn to Uncle Sam
Global economy gets global action on rates
What about Fannie and Freddie?
CO2 could worsen whales' sonar problems
Can ‘electric oysters’ restore New York’s waters?
Switching from analog to digital
Tracking baby-boom galaxies
E-Science: Massive experiments, global networks
Asia trumping US on science R&D
Why people like cars with 'angry faces'
A video game that reads your mind
'The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia'
Circling My Mother
The Nobel Prize goes to a cosmopolite
A video-game magnate gets his journey into space
From gravel pit to inspired landscape
Where land and art become one
The bonus of vacationing with dogs
No way, no how, no pain
Fall's colorful last fling