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Monitor Articles for October 8, 2008

African countries improve their governance, study shows
Upwardly mobile India fights scourge of fake CVs
Violence escalates in Thai protests
US federal court orders Chinese Muslims in Guantánamo released
Kenya deports anti-Obama author
Reporters on the Job
Obama-McCain debate: jabs, but no knockout
Obama struggles to attract wavering Jewish voters
Gains for Obama among people of faith
Debate II: Can it get any more boring?
Palin's alleged email hacker indicted
New media feels heat after Apple misstep
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Healthcare's wasted billions
Opinion I survived the Georgian war. Here's what I saw.
The Monitor's View First, foreclose on market fears
Fed makes boldest move yet
How to reduce risk in your ethical portfolio
Report: Illicit urban chicken movement growing in US
Poland's organic farms prove to be fruitful ventures
Bicycle recyclers empower riders
The evolution of theories of evolution
Wanted: a Prius for the delivery industry
Another RFID smart card vulnerability exposed
Update: What’s next in the Palin hacking case?
'To Siberia'
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Odds favor Amos Oz for Nobel Prize in Literature
Sierra Leonean designer redefines African couture
Rustic and refined ratatouille
Simple, savory sardines
A baseball fan's inner complexities
For me – the election is over
Plants that look great together