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Monitor Articles for October 6, 2008

Critics slam Thailand's activist judges
Pakistan's fresh resolve in latest battle against Taliban
Europe backs off of U.S.-style economic rescue plan
If Russia's leaving, S. Ossetia town asks: Why build a new road?
For Livni, forming an Israeli coalition just got a lot harder
Innkeeper's log chronicles ebb and flow of Iraq war
Taiwan arms deal sours U.S.-China relations
Reporters on the Job
McCain and Obama campaigns go negative in home stretch
McCain seeks to shift race’s focus
McCain - Palin: Don't stick a fork in us yet!
Conservatives question McCain's attack strategy
Supreme Court to decide if Maine smokers can sue
U.S. military to deploy more surveillance planes to Afghanistan
Letters to the Editor
Opinion How to smooth the transition in Iraq
Opinion To drill or not to drill is not the question
The Monitor's View The candidates click on broadband
Financial crisis: the latest blow to free-market 'dogma'
Paulson crafts his new role
Financial Q&A: Why it's best to seek legal advice when selling land
Behind big job losses, a tighter credit squeeze
Mutual funds roundup: That bear's still there
Stock markets’ plunge puts pressure on Fed to cut rates
Why Asian banks are stronger than US banks
Study reports bad news for world's mammals
Does closing roads cut delays?
iPhone-like carrier switches for T-Mobile's G1?
Paris's 'Pyramid Project' casts no shadow
Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China
Anne of the Island
A glimpse of Kindle 2.0
"Flip books" – what's that all about?
An Indonesian artist uses her canvas to unite a nation
Toys 'Я' (for) us grown-ups!
The seasons fly by
After school – special
Close encounter of the royal kind
The child in us
Tree branches without borders
Now's the time to feed your lawn
Fun - and a few chores - in the fall garden