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Monitor Articles for October 31, 2008

Africans say 'no deal' to $14 million movie studio
Insurgents increasingly employing complex attacks in Afghanistan
Quake aid for Pakistan's neglected
Somali pirates seize Turkish ore freighter
Reporters on the Job
China acts to stem the tide of officials fleeing with cash
Obama: You don't endorse me? You're off the plane!
McCain campaign predicts greatest comeback ever - of all time even
Finally, a Philadelphia sports title
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Offended by bawdy ads? Take a stand.
Opinion The duty of American Muslims this election
The Monitor's View Financial crisis, Part 2
Formal human 'fingerprints' on polar climate
A coral farmer’s harvest of ‘living stones’
Horizon highlights – Rising and falling stars edition
Waiting for an Ordinary Day
Love in Black and White
Should young writers worry about Sarah Palin?
Ten ways to tell your hotel is too much of a bargain
Here’s the exam financial advisers should have to pass
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Black middle-class comes into view
The novel by tweet
When a spirit of giving arrived on Halloween
Over the hedge: Just an ordinary broomstick
A modest (regulatory) proposal
Needs, wants, and giving
But I just watered that houseplant