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Monitor Articles for October 21, 2008

Can a regional summit break Zimbabwe's crisis deadlock?
In Japan, retired men find new role as caregivers
China's economy cools
Afghan Taliban target Christian aid worker
US referees Iraq's troubled Kurdish-Arab fault line
Mumbai tense following arrest of right-wing leader
Reporters on the Job
Crisis spares Russia's 'average Joe'
Why Virginia may tilt to Obama
In global vote, McCain would lose – but not in Georgia
Biden predicts international crisis if elected - McCain reacts
Palin agrees with Biden that Obama presidency will create crisis
Now Obama's got Colin Powell AND Google?
Bachmann's campaign implodes -- anti-Americans run wild
Obama to leave campaign to visit grandmother
Guest workers win in court over low pay
Lettters to the Editor
Opinion Thanks to Angelina Jolie, having lots of kids is hip
Opinion Why the economy fares much better under Democrats
The Monitor's View Build steam for nuclear power
Alaskans reap boom – and bust – from oil
eBay bans ivory sales
Wood heat rises again
How big is that gadget? Pective can tell you.
Forever Young
The Inheritance of Loss
Lech Walesa: "I never collaborated"
One couple’s attempt to win a giant pumpkin competition
For kids: a different kind of gold medal
A hint of winter in the frosty morning air
An heirloom menagerie of memories
Love – the great communicator
Queen Elizabeth, fall leaves, and plants you've killed