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Monitor Articles for October 17, 2008

The worst is over, but Colombia's war goes on
Canada's Liberals place hopes on son of former prime minister
To go forward, Colombia looks back
How one Colombian woman learned to help other war victims
Turkey's Army loses luster over PKK attack
When settlers strike, Palestinians point and shoot video
Bombings of Canadian pipelines spark ecoterrorism fears
In Nicaragua, political dissidents targeted
Reporters on the Job
Who's funnier? McCain, Obama trade jokes over dinner
Joe the Plumber under attack - McCain to the rescue
McCain appears on Letterman show (for real)
US plan to help Pakistan fight insurgents
Horse racing moves to reform, but faces many skeptics
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Obama, Joe the plumber, and the gospel of envy
Opinion Help eliminate poverty – invest in women
The Monitor's View A new cop for global finance
Fallout of stock market's plunge: retirement woes
What is 'clean coal,' anyway?
EarthTalk: Is nitrogen better than air for filling car tires?
Horizon highlights – Opinion page edition
Textbooks built to fit student budgets
Again, not everything here is pretty to read but for those who love animals she touches on some essential issues and does so with a deft hand...
The Vampire Armand
The next frontiers of publishing?
'In defense of Milan Kundera'
This year, Halloween needs a government bailout
What not to say on your cellphone
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Broadway measures the mood and pulls out dark revivals
My son, prince of the neighborhood
Heard on the street, and the avenue, too
Over the hedge: For the love of bugs and boys
More than optimism
The beginning of fall’s farewell
Dutch iris - charming additions to the bulb garden