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Monitor Articles for October 16, 2008

After popular blue skies during Olympics, Beijing brings back pollution controls
Gunfire erupts along Thai-Cambodia border
To fight Taliban, US eyes Afghan tribes
In global crisis, oil insulates Gulf
Philippine court ruling deals blow to peace agreement with Muslim militants
Russia-Georgia peace talks delayed
History lessons for financial crisis: Act fast, act globally
Reporters on the Job
A feisty McCain, a cool Obama, and appeals to 'Joes' everywhere
Abortion rises again as election issue
Forget Palin - McCain needs Joe the Plumber
McCain throws plumber at Obama in final debate
US more cautious in Iraq appraisals
JROTC: Leadership course or recruiting tool?
South Texas school district wins $1 million prize for student progress
Letters to the Editor
Opinion History may wink at Palin
Opinion Why some blacks still might not vote for Obama
The Monitor's View Obama, McCain, and that darned deficit
US stares at a $1 trillion deficit. How bad is that?
California eyes going ‘green’ despite slump
With Prop. 7, California argues its energy future
Warming seas create a massive chemistry experiment
Review roundup: T-Mobile G1
Cisco and Taj take Telepresence public
1,000 Dollars and an Idea: Entrepreneur to Billionaire
Reading beyond our borders
Christopher Buckley and the oddities of truth
Dallas preacher T.D. Jakes takes his pulpit to Africa
Dazzling plant combos
Wheel Jammin'
I'm going wild over my 'native' backyard
More Mail Bag matches
'In God we trust'
Windowsill herb growing
Garden 'siteseeing' around the world