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Monitor Articles for October 15, 2008

The story of a Canadian tycoon family
Some Afghans live under Taliban rule – and prefer it
Why Britain is leading the world out of the banking crisis
Financial crisis threatens aid for world's poorest
Syria boosts diplomatic ties with Lebanon
Somali forces free hijacked vessel
Reporters on the Job
Despite polls and pundits, McCain hanging on
Obama now buying ads on video games
Can McCain win tonight? Three things he must do
McCain's brother blasts McCain campaign
Obama's spending how much on ads?
Court declines to hear death-row appeal
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The West must not push Russia away – again
Opinion Amid Palin hype, a pro-life feminist's dilemma
The Monitor's View It's a wonderful lift
Credit crisis overturns free-market ideology
Are states next in line for federal bailout?
Tesla smarting from credit crunch
Report: Marijuana plots polluting US forests
EU bans incandescent light bulbs
Toward a greener economy
Internet millionaire takes aim at Mars
YouTube to McCain: No DMCA pass for you.
'Amarcord: Marcella Remembers'
The Tipping Point
First-time novelist wins the Booker prize
National Book Award Finalists
World’s largest working pipe organ is in ... Macy’s
An American mom in Norway
Beet it!
Farewell to a favorite food product
Supporting truth in the election
A nod to the humble hoe
What to do with green tomatoes