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Monitor Articles for October 1, 2008

At the movies in North Korea: love, drama, and class warfare
Slow recovery for Burma's cyclone victims
Terrorist attacks in Pakistan stir anger at U.S.
'Xenophobic climate' fueling policies, violence in Italy
Amid Taliban violence, key players differ on containment strategy
Reporters on the Job
Financial crisis shakes up presidential campaign
Unusually high stakes in vice presidential debate
Sarah "Joe Six Pack" Palin gets ready to rumble
Postpone Thursday's debate because of moderator? Not yet...
Couric strikes again - asks Palin impossible question
U.S. government seeks new solutions to combat global hunger crisis
Military sees window to adjust Afghanistan plan
Racy movie trailers are on the rise
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Obama and American anti-elitism
Opinion What it's like to debate Sarah Palin
The Monitor's View Rescue 'America Street'
Will public's distaste for a 'bailout' fade?
While Congress debates, FDIC steps to fore of credit crisis
Now, public is spurring Congress to act
A depression: Could a third of Americans be right?
Europe eager for Senate bailout vote
Ireland's bailout proposal boosts confidence
EPA proposes using contaminated land for renewable energy
Palin says cause of global warming "doesn't matter"
Language Weaver: fast in translation
Could new royalty rates kill iTunes?
Netflix: more like what its name implies
The Numerati
The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage
Jonathan Kozol addresses children of privilege
Salman Rushdie: no regrets
Vietnam eats, sleeps, and dreams on motorbikes
Summer in the land of pomegranates
My favorite cookbook
Hunt for edible treasure at the beach
College cooking beyond ramen
Constructive idleness
Leaves - love in shades of gold
Unusual and easy to grow