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Monitor Articles for January 8, 2008

Private security contractors look to Africa for recruits
A former Cambodian boy soldier defuses his past
Moscow's homeless stage art show
A wedding marks Baghdad family's rising optimism
Climate worries complicate Alaska drilling plan
Sri Lankan government minister killed amid an upsurge in violence
Reporters on the Job
As violence ebbs, the next hurdle for Iraq is political progress
Can the Arab League solve Lebanon's political crisis?
New Hampshire turning 'blue'
U.S.-Iran naval confrontation in Gulf raises tensions
Bush takes altered goals to Mideast
A cold-war case of CIA detention still echoes
More states try to model N.Y.'s passenger bill of rights
Opinion Look who's pro-U.S. now: Saudi Arabia
Opinion America's upper classes have gone AWOL
The Monitor's View Bush drills for Middle East deals
Life of drama and dance
Nureyev's was a life of drama and dance
A balance between free speech and fear
In 'The Tenth Muse' Judith Jones writes of a life in food
Sorry, wrong inventor
'A Golden Age' tells of a mother's love tangled by war
A Reading Family
A dad's new world – where Eric Carle is a rock star
For kids: Watch it – this art is on the move!
Facing my immortality