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Monitor Articles for January 3, 2008

Ethnic violence: Why Kenya is not another Rwanda
Chávez, China cooperate on oil, but for different reasons
Nicaraguan opposition resists Chávez's expanding 'revolution'
Saudi Arabian bloggers rattled by first arrest of online critic
In U.S., Al Gore has more company on climate change now
Sri Lanka says cease-fire with Tamil Tigers now over
Global flash points: How to spot signs of peace
Reporters on the Job
With Iowa and New Hampshire races close, a hustle for turnout
During winter recess, Democrats keep Congress in session to thwart Bush
Gingerly, U.S. reaches out to Sharif in Pakistan
How one town aids returning soldiers
Pay for college chiefs rising fast
NASA plays down its air safety report
Suicide prevention program focuses on teens
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Your beliefs vs. the facts
The Monitor's View How South Africa can alter Africa
On the horizon: News from the frontiers of science.
'People of the Book' offers lessons in tolerance
It's not personal, it's digital
A handbook for Muslim teens
Order in the house
Short Stuff
Spiritual models of leadership