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Monitor Articles for January 28, 2008

Pakistanis lobby U.S. against February elections
Indonesia's Suharto: a complex legacy
Musharraf argues case in Europe
U.S. woman abducted in Afghanistan. Taliban responsible?
Fairouz fans angry over the diva's concert in Syria
Hamas gains edge as border crisis eases
Broad-based U.S. push to tighten Internet monitoring
Reporters on the Job
In Miami's Little Havana, Giuliani makes his stand
After South Carolina: Can Obama capture a wider swath of voters?
In State of the Union, Bush to begin framing legacy
A tiny native village in Alaska copes with urban encroachment
The helping hand these days often holds a new house
Letters to the Editor
Opinion U.S. can't afford to mar innovation
Opinion Don't put public figures on the couch
The Monitor's View Obama isn't 'the black candidate'
As global food costs rise, are biofuels to blame?
Footsteps of a recession grow louder
Financial Q&A: Alternative Minimum Tax changes provide relief for some taxpayers
Maybe SRI investors should settle for lower returns – and more satisfaction
Seven things employees want most to be happy at work
Stimulus bill hits Senate this week
A Week's Worth: Quick takes on the world of work and money
As global food costs rise, are biofuels to blame?
How the mountains of Appalachia disappear
Why reading is not fundamental
On the way to Type B
Time for a flight of fancy
Embrace the journey