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Monitor Articles for January 25, 2008

Power cuts cripple Southern Africa
Divided, Thailand eyes ruling party's first steps
State elections a test for Germany's left
Democrats tout first 'global primary'
Blockade can't divide some Israeli, Palestinian friends
Israel sees upside in hole in Gaza wall
A new Democrats Abroad chapter forms in Lebanon
Al Qaeda goes north: Police chief killed in Mosul
British government under fire for controversial antiterror bill
Reporters on the Job
European sizes don't fit all
Navy resumes use of sonar off California
South Carolina: It used to be Edwards country
Battlefields will be big test for 'seeing' robot
Resegregation of U.S. schools deepening
Scientists urge speedy emission cuts
In Orlando, a Magic rebound
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Chill, Bill
Opinion Darfur's best hope: the ballot box
The Monitor's View Peace in the heart of Africa?
House, Bush stimulus deal on fast track
Scientists urge speedy emission cuts
The wild ride of an author-turned-hobo
Stephen King's new haunt: Florida
Monitor Picks
At Sundance, the big draws are Patti Smith, U2, Roman Polanski, Osama bin Laden
DVD reviews: 'The King of Kong' and 'The Invasion'
New in theaters
'Persepolis' peeks behind the veil
Schickele gets Bach to P.D.Q.
A 'Jukebox' full of favorites
A snowy visit to a treehouse
Falling out of love with 'bling-bling'
Economic stability, built on Christ