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Monitor Articles for January 24, 2008

Saving South African marriages one at a time
Kenya's violence chokes flow of goods to the region
Namibia turns to world for answers on missing soldiers
Newspapers thriving? Yes – in Asia.
Can Europe cut carbon without cutting growth?
Gaza busts out of its blockade
Costs of climate change spur greening of business
US military: Taliban spring offensive unlikely in Afghanistan
Antarctica's required course is the Happy Camper School of survival
Reporters on the Job
Monitor Breakfast Republicans' Mike Duncan highlights polls unfavorable to Clinton
Republicans' Mike Duncan highlights polls unfavorable to Clinton
On the dais again, it's the other Clinton
Renewed impetus to sanction Iran
Engine of growth: clean-tech jobs
Nationwide 'teach-in' planned to address climate change
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A Super Bowl lesson from Ghana
Opinion The foolishness of economic 'stimulus'
The Monitor's View Europe gets serious on climate
Economic outlook dims sharply
Can the crown jewel of world's coral reefs be saved?
Up in that tree – is it a fish?
Of milkweed and monarchs
Wanted: a cold winter to savor
Looking back, looking forward